Challenging Bike Tours in Europe: France, Spain, Italy, Austria and the Czech Republic

You’ve dreamed about taking a challenging bike tour in Europe for some time or perhaps you feel the need to return to conquer another famous alpine col. But you also appreciate the finer things in life: good food, comfortable lodgings and unique experiences. We understand that. Our bike tours are designed with you in mind. We know how important it is for you to choose the right company for your your cycling vacation. Let us explain how we differ from the competition.

1. Exceptional and Challenging Cycling Routes. 100% GPS Enabled

You’ve decided to travel to Europe to fulfill you cycling desires. Why settle for mediocre routes. Our routes cover some of the most iconic roads in cycling history: Mont Ventoux (Provence, France), Alpe d’Huez (French Alps), Passo dello Stelvio (Italian Alps), Sella Ronda (Dolomites, Italy), Tourmalet (French Pyrenees), Grossglockner (Austria), and many, many more.

Additionally, we founded the company in 2010 on the principal that all routes are GPS enabled. What does this mean to you? You will be provided with a bike GPS unit to use for the duration of the trip, with all of the cycling routes pre-loaded for you. Ride at your own pace with never a concern over getting lost or having to wait for the group.

2. Small Groups Mean Personalized Service and A Unique Experience

We set a maximum guest count of 10 for our standard trips. We keep the groups small because we believe that this gives you a better experience. There will never be more than five guests per trip leader. We can support the route better, be there when you need us and ensure that you receive personalized service. Another great benefit of traveling with a small group is that it opens up a whole different range of dining and lodging options. We stay at small, family-run accommodations and eat like locals at authentic establishments that don’t cater to large tour groups. (Tip: if you’re planning a private or custom trip with us, you can ask for a larger group.)

3. The Right Balance Of Cycling and The Finer Things

You love cycling, but you also love some of the finer things in life: good food, delicious wine, comfortable lodging and learning about local culture. That’s why we make sure to create the perfect balance of cycling and free time on our trips. We do not force you to mix the two together, by scheduling a wine tasting mid-ride. Who really wants to drink wine while cycling hard anyway? Instead, our mornings are focused on good, challenging bike rides, with time in the afternoon to dive into the culture. That glass of wine will taste so much better afterwards, as a post-ride reward for all of your efforts. Additionally, we don’t believe in the idea that cyclists can’t also want nice lodgings or fancy meals. We stay at three to five star inns, with a variety of simple, local food, as well as more sophisticated meals. They will replenish your soul as well as your body.

4. You Ride More. No Shuttles

You’re on a bike tour, so why would you want to get in a car and drive to or from the route every day? We’re guessing you wouldn’t, so that’s why there are no shuttles required on our routes. Every morning, you’ll start your ride from the front door of our inn and the cycling route will bring you all the way back. The only reason you’ll need get into the support van, is because you want to (i.e. you’re done for the day or want to take a break from riding). Otherwise, 100% of our routes are meant to be ridden, not driven. Before you sign up with that other company, ask them if all of their ride days are shuttle free.

5. Maximum Flexibility With Your Choice Of Travel Dates

Your free time is precious. There may be exact days you’d like to travel and take a bike tour, but what tour and location matches your available dates? You no longer need to worry. We work with your schedule. Tell us when you’d like to take one of our cycling tours in Europe and we’ll confirm the availability of those dates within 48 hours. Just pick when and where you’d like to go. It’s your bike tour, so take it on your schedule.

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