Our Mission
Introduce you to some of the best and most challenging cycling routes Europe has to offer, while helping you to immerse in the local culture.

What Sets Our Bike Tours Apart


Our cycling tours exclusively use bike mounted GPS units. While you’re on your bike trip, you don’t have to read printed directions or a map. This frees you up to ride more naturally, so that you can take in the surroundings and enjoy the route without having to worry about getting lost.

It also releases you from any pressure to ride with the group. Whether you want to ride faster or slower than the other guests, you’re free to do so with the GPS.


Our bike tours are never larger than 10 guests. We feel that this is a perfect size to ride and enjoy the the region your visiting. By being part of a smaller group, you can stay in family-run, authentic accommodations and ride throughout the day without feeling like you’re part of convoy of other cyclists.

Smaller groups are your ticket to a more personalized experience.


You’ve come to Europe to ride and we understand that. Each day’s primary focus will be to provide you with an amazing route. But since, we also realize that part of the joy of traveling is to experience new places and cultures, you’ll have plenty of free time to explore after your rides.

Simply put, it’s a better balance.


Our bike tour routes are designed for the cyclist, by cyclists. If you’re like us, you’d prefer not to have to drive/shuttle at the start or end of your ride. Our routes are designed so that the entire ride can be ridden without shuttles.

Of course, our excellent support ensures that the van will be there if you want it, but it’s not a mandatory part of your daily route.


You’re ready to take a bike tour vacation, but have specific dates that you’re available to travel. After listening to our guests, we realize that the dates and timing of your vacation are often at the top of your list when choosing when and where to go. That’s why we let you choose both.

Contact us and tell us what trip you’d like to take and on what dates, and we’ll confirm those dates for you within 48 hours. It’s your bike vacation, on your schedule.

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