Better Bike Routes For Your Bike Tour

GPS Bike Routes Make For A Better Bike Tour Experience

Better bike routes during your cycling tour are essential. When thinking about choosing your upcoming cycling vacation, think about HOW you’ll experience each day’s ride. Will you ride as a group? Will you be on your own to find your way? How will you find your way? Using a map, printed directions or cue sheet? This is an important factor in your overall bike tour experience.

We think GPS is the way to go. That’s why ALL of our bike tours in Europe use handlebar mounted, cycling GPS units. Here’s why:

  • There’s no need to read printed directions while you ride.
  • You do not need to be constantly looking at a map either.
  • Our bike GPS units prompt you at the turns, freeing you up to enjoy the ride and not worry about getting lost.
  • If you do happen to take a wrong turn, it’s clear from the GPS where you are in relation to the correct route, making it easy to get back on track.
  • Your entire route for the day is pre-programmed so there’s no wondering if you’re on course or not.
  • A quick glance at the bike GPS shows where you are on the bike route and where your next turn is.
  • An added bonus of the GPS is that you also don’t need to worry about keeping up with the group. Ride at your own pace, knowing with confidence that you’re on the right path.

Ride with us and you’ll see why we offer the better alternative. Reserve your trip now.


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