Bike Tours in Europe with GPS, Is Google The Future?

As our guests know, we use GPS directions for all of our European Bike Tours. We believe that this technology is the future of cycling tours and are proud to be one of the very few bike tour operators to use GPS devices exclusively.

Bike Tours in Europe with GPS

Up until now, we’ve used Garmin‘s bike specific “Edge” GPS units and been happy with the results. The units are straightforward for our guests to use, sturdy and the battery life far exceeds our daily riding needs. As we’re always looking to improve our guest’s experience, we keep an eye out for up and coming technologies that might affect the bike tour GPS experience. Google recently announced that they’re adding voice guided, turn by turn bike directions to their Android smart phones. Google Maps and their directions are certainly at the forefront of online and mobile mapping technologies, so it will be interesting to see how this develops. So far, their bike route directions do not extend to the countries we visit (i.e. France, Spain, Italy), but perhaps they will in the future. It will also be interesting to see how well their directions are geared toward the avid cyclist that is searching for a challenging route. We found the linked article above, funny in that apparently “the turn-by-turn directions can even help you avoid steep hills, Google notes”. Well what’s the fun with that!?!

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