Biking in Tuscany with Mario Cipollini, An Art, Lost In Translation

Ahhh.. we love Mario Cipollini and his budgening film career. It’s part art house film, part poetry. We want to understand it and like it, but we’re left scratching our heads, somehow feeling that we missed something, lost in the translation. His latest work is a promo piece for the Cycling World Championships taking place in Tuscany in 2013. So if you want to know what it’s like to go biking in Tuscany with Mario Cipollini, look no further. You may be left confused, but apparently you’ll be rewarded with “the need, rebellious and inborn, to know”. Whatever that might mean to you.

Thank you to BikeSnobNYC for alerting us to this new film. We think it’s one of Cipollini’s best works to date… well in which he stars as himself. We still think he should be considered for the next Bond role, after his recent performance as international bike spy.

The thing that we wonder about the most with this promo is: why don’t they have a native English speaker proof these ads first? It sure sounds like a native speaker that is doing the voice-over. Doesn’t he realize that he’s not making any sense with what he’s saying? You would’ve thought that he could’ve given a few pointers to the film crew that the words, while beautiful, just don’t quite work together. Or maybe it’s just us.

Oh, but WAIT! There’s a transcribed version in English available via YouTube! Maybe that will shed some light on what this means. Let’s see:

transcribed video text from YouTube
Ok… so we’re pretty sure that Intel doesn’t have anything to do with the Worlds.

(Actually, the video is even funnier if you watch it with the transcribed notes on)


Here are a a few of our favorite quotes from the film:

“Life, which in Tuscany, is the art of feeling.  An eternal and inexhaustible vision of one’s being, causing a confusion of time and identity.”

Ok. We get the first line, but not so much the second one. If we’re confused at this point, are we therefore already in Tuscany? This “time confusion” thing might be a real problem for the World Championships next year. Keeping track of it is kinda important to to the results, no?

Gymnastics of perception, to be shared through touch.  Physicality, with respect for memories crossed on the road of knowledge.

Brilliant! We want more of this! Whatever it might be.

“[The] Character [of Tuscany], filtered by the tears of the sun, collected in a glass, rising up to the clouds like goblets to quell the storm and pave the way to the sun.”

Ok, so that’s pretty darn poetic.

“Water in vapors embraces, rights of universal hospitality”

Hmm.. not sure about this one though.

It really does sound like they were trying to be poetic with what they were saying, so we’re thinking that the Italian version is probably a lot better. Unfortunately, an Italian version doesn’t seem to be available. Well at least not yet. Too bad, since the English version could use a rewrite.



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