Cycling Culture: L’Eroica Oozes A Cool Retro Vibe

Cycling is more than just riding a bike. It’s more than just pedaling along a winding road. It’s more than training for your next event. Cycling is a culture. And within that culture, there are many sub-cultures: the weekend racers, the fixie hipsters, the bike path wanderers, the trusty commuter and many others. One such group is the retro, nostalgia cyclist. And one of their pinnacle gatherings is L’Eroica, held each autumn in Tuscany (Italy)

Pull out your wool jerseys, your vintages bicycles, your toe clip pedals and crocheted cycling gloves for this event is all about an earlier epoch in cycling. In fact, if you want to participate, modern bikes are not even allowed, so don’t think of bringing your carbon frame to L’Eroica. Here, steel is the only material you’ll find. More an homage to an earlier time than it is a race, the focus is taking in the local culture. Food stops are centered around hearty, “real” local food and wine, not sports drinks, gels and bars. It’s a chance for participants to honor the past and enjoy the company of their fellow riders. And the dirt roads of the Strade Bianche in Tuscany are a perfect setting to do just that.

Our thoughts turned to L’Eroica, not just because of its running in a few weeks, but also because of a great post over at Velogogo. Thanks, Velogogo! We frequently find their Tumblr posts a source of inspiration. That’s where we found this:

A film by Ben Ingham from Avoncelli on Vimeo.

(Discover the Avon Celli team. )


And if you’d like a more complete, mini-documentary on L’Eroica, Brooks saddles has created this:



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