Message From In Situ’s Founder – Focusing On Cycling and European Culture


A Passion For Cycling and an Authentic Experience.

A Message From In Situ Travel’s Founder: Jace Gifford

In Situ Travel was born out of a passion for two things: Cycling and European Culture. After having worked for years with one of the largest active travel companies in the world, I realized that there was a need in the cycling tour business for the avid cyclist. Too often I would hear guests ask to ride longer or harder miles than what was on the standard itinerary. I also knew that if I was in their position, I’d prefer to get in a good bike ride early in the day, then have the rest of the day to explore at my leisure.

Many bike tour companies today are more about sightseeing by bike than actually the riding itself. The daily itinerary may say that it’s a 40 mile bike ride, but that ride will include sightseeing stops along the way (e.g. wine tastings, museum visits, shopping, etc.). So those 40 miles will take you 9 hours to complete. That is NOT what In Situ Travel is about. We wake up each morning and after a hearty breakfast, head out on the bike to enjoy the daily ride. Some days are longer than others. Some days you might be out on the bike all day, but others will have you back at the hotel by lunch. But one thing is consistent: the ride is about riding, not sightseeing stops. And like all great group rides, there will be plenty of chatting, enjoying and taking in the amazing route which rolls out beneath your tires. With our exclusive, 100% use of bike mounted GPS units, you’re free to ride at your own pace. You’re never forced to ride as one big group or ride faster or slower than you like.

Riding your bike and traveling in Europe are unique and rewarding experiences. Time should be taken to soak up the rich, cultural aspects each region has to offer. That is why we ensure that there will be plenty of time, off the bike, for you to explore. From my experience, that leisurely espresso at a local café is so much more enjoyable when I know that I don’t have to get back on the bike immediately to complete my ride for the day.

I encourage you to take a look at our european bike tours and we hope that you can join us on a future trip.

Jace Gifford