What Would Eddy Do?

We were stumbling around the internet a couple of days ago and came across this cycling T-shirt at Freebird Velo’s Etsy Store. “Eddy Would Attack” it simply stated. We love it, for several reasons.

  1. Bike racing and riding can be hard work. It reminds us to not give up, even when the race or route gets difficult. When it’s at its most challenging, that’s the best time to attack.
  2. Sometimes the best defense is a strong offense. The t-shirt was inspired by a quote from Eddy Merckx, “my only defense was attack”.
  3. We all need to toughen up, à la Rule #5 at Velominati. If the pace is high, the route is hard or the weather is poor, just ask yourself, “What would Eddy Do?” Now you’ve got your answer.
Small Eddy Would Attack Cycling Tshirt by freebirdvelo on Etsy

Eddy Would Attack Cycling Tshirt by freebirdvelo on Etsy

A little background: Eddy Merckx is perhaps the greatest cyclist ever. Despite all the media coverage in recent years about Lance Armstrong, Eddy won more bike races than Lance ever did. Yes, Lance won the Tour de France seven times, but Eddy won it five times, plus the Giro d’Italia five times, the Vuelta à España once and was world champion three times. And that’s just for starters. He also had the most career victories of any professional cyclist, at 525 wins, including major one day classics. The list goes on. Ok, so you get the point.

So these simple three words, “Eddy Would Attack”, carry so much meaning behind them. We think that’s what makes this t-shirt so attractive. It’s simple design says so much, without having to embellish. Nicely done, Freebird Velo.

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